Liability Insurance for ISR Instructors


Company Background

CrossFit Risk Retention Group was founded in 2009 to provide comprehensive insurance coverage for CrossFit affiliates. No other insurance provider offered coverage that reflected the unique needs of the CrossFit community, so we created CrossFit RRG to provide the coverage that our community requires. Now, in partnership with Infant Swimming Resource, we are extending our commitment to include the ISR Instructor community.

Infant Swimming Resource instruction is unique and can create challenges when trying to fit into traditional insurance policies. Most policies restrict swimming instruction and don’t adequately provide coverage for professionals with expertise in the water. We’ve worked together with ISR to provide a comprehensive insurance policy that is specifically designed for ISR Instructors and their businesses.

The Infant Swimming Resource Connection

CrossFit and ISR began working together in 2011 through a joint fundraising effort among the CrossFit Foundation, CrossFit Kids and ISR to raise money to sponsor the education and training of new ISR Instructors. CrossFit RRG is proud to further its support of the ISR community and offer an insurance policy customized for ISR Instructors.

Get covered with ISR Liability Insurance from CrossFit RRG


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